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The Plants of Granite Gardens

We started propagating plants in a desperate attempt to find more plants that would be appropriate for dry Sierra Foothill gardens. We have had many failures but also many successes.
The main purpose of this website is to share our experience with you. Our Plant Database information on many of the plants we have succeeded with. Look for the code TNT throughout the database to indicate plants that are "Tried and True" in the Sierra Foothills. These are plants that have proven easy or reliable in gardens known to us.
You can navigate through our database of plants by using the alphabetical index on the sidebar. (The letter corresponds to the Genus.)
Or, if you are patient, by using the numerical pager on the bottom.

Plant Description
Digitalis ferruginea Very tough foxglove with dark green foliage. Tall spikes of interesting tawny yellow flowers. Can handle it quite dry in part shade. 24 12 0
Digitalis lutea A nice perennial foxglove to light up shadier areas in the garden. Rosettes of dark green leaves, racemes of short pale yellow flowers that almost appear to be carved out of wax. 12 12 0
Digitalis obscura Wonderful foxglove from Spain with willowy green leaves on woody stems. Burgundy flower stalks with interesting flowers of tawny copper. Can take full sun and is more xeric than many foxgloves. Plant with Spanish Lavender for an arresting combo. 24 24 4
Digitalis thapsi Another foxglove from Spain that can handle drier conditions. This one with large fuzzy leaves and classic pink foxglove flowers. 18 12 5
Echinocereus chloranthus cylindricus Beautiful yellow/red spines.Otero Co, NM SB25 0 0 0
Echinocereus coccineus A form described as having pink flowers instead of the usual red, from Otero Co, NM. The ones that have bloomed for us have flowers of a peach or apricot color. 0 0 0
Echinocereus coccinues A form with some red spines. Red Rock, NM 0 0 0
Echinocereus dasyacanthus A form with grey pink spines from El Paso Co, TX. Bright lemon yellow flowers. 0 0 0
Echinocereus dasyacanthus A form with pink and yellow spines from Otero Co, NM. 0 0 0
Echinocereus dasyacanthus Beautiful silvery pink spines from Jarilla Mountains, NM 0 0 0