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The Plants of Granite Gardens

We started propagating plants in a desperate attempt to find more plants that would be appropriate for dry Sierra Foothill gardens. We have had many failures but also many successes.
The main purpose of this website is to share our experience with you. Our Plant Database information on many of the plants we have succeeded with. Look for the code TNT throughout the database to indicate plants that are "Tried and True" in the Sierra Foothills. These are plants that have proven easy or reliable in gardens known to us.
You can navigate through our database of plants by using the alphabetical index on the sidebar. (The letter corresponds to the Genus.)
Or, if you are patient, by using the numerical pager on the bottom.

Plant Description
Salvia jurisicii One of the few salvias that is appropriately sized for a rock garden. This has finely dissected, hairy leaves that give it a lacey look that is finely complimented by the whorls of small blue-violet flowers. It looks best with water more than once a week, so it has kind of faded out of our gardens. 8 12 5
Satureja spinosa A very tough plant that forms green mounds of twiggy, not quite spiny stems. Covered with small white flowers for a long time in the heat of summer. 8 12 6
Scutellaria orientalis pinnatifida Low trailing stems of soft grey green leaves that are pinnately divided. A long show of erect yellow “snap-dragon” flowers all summer. 6 12 4
Scutellaria scordifolia 'Seoul Sapphire' Bushy green mounds and nice large indigo flowers late in the season. Surprisingly tough. Will probably spread. 12 18 5
Scutellaria suffrutescens Grey green mounds of foliage covered with pinkish red flowers all spring and summer. Very tough Texas native that does best in full hot sun with a bit of sand added to soil. I propagated this for myself, but may part with a few. 8 15 7
Scutellaria tournefortii Low mats of crenate green leaves. Blooms in early summer. The striking flowers are reddish purple with a cream colored lower lip. We will be planting more of this in our own gardens! 5 20 4
Scutellaria ‘Mongolian Skies’ Beautiful Skullcap that forms mats of narrow dark green leaves. Blooms long into summer with stunning tubular hooded flowers of a deep velvet violet blue. 8 18 4
Sphaeralcea ambigua rosacea A beautiful California native, this form with lavender rose flowers on gracefully arching stems. The leaves are relatively flat compared to normal forms of this species. 30 30 6
Sphaeralcea ambigua rugosa A beautiful California native. Silvery green cordate leaves. Bowl shaped flowers of orange are densely clustered on the arching 24” stems. 24 30 6
Stachys candida Charming mounds of very furry silver foliage just perfect for peeking over rocks. Tomentose leaves and stems almost demand being petted. Low spikes of white flowers with pale violet veining. 5 12 5