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The Plants of Granite Gardens

We started propagating plants in a desperate attempt to find more plants that would be appropriate for dry Sierra Foothill gardens. We have had many failures but also many successes.
The main purpose of this website is to share our experience with you. Our Plant Database information on many of the plants we have succeeded with. Look for the code TNT throughout the database to indicate plants that are "Tried and True" in the Sierra Foothills. These are plants that have proven easy or reliable in gardens known to us.
You can navigate through our database of plants by using the alphabetical index on the sidebar. (The letter corresponds to the Genus.)
Or, if you are patient, by using the numerical pager on the bottom.

Plant Description
Acantholimon acerosum brachystachium Buns of short silver grey leaves. Pink flowers on stems 2-4 inches tall. A Euroseeds selection from Karaman Turkey. These have done very well for us. 6 7 6
Acantholimon araxanum Nice silvery spiny buns with rose pink flowers on relatively short scapes. Found in Greece and further east. 6 12 5
Acantholimon armenum Buns/mounds of silver sharp tipped leaves and large pink flowers. From Turkey, of course! This has been one of the better Acantholimons for us and has performed reliably, given well drained soil. 8 15 0
Acantholimon bracteatum capitatum A very choice Acantholimon. Small silvery mounds and congested stems of bright pink flowers. 3 6 6
Acantholimon caryophyllaceum A large and striking Acantholimon. Over time it forms large silver domes of silver spine tipped leaves. Pink flowers on erect scapes. From Turkey. 12 20 6
Acantholimon cataonicum Very dense green large cushions. Bright pink flowers on relatively short stems. Another one from Turkey. 0 0 0
Acantholimon glumaceum Spiny green cushions and bright pink flowers. This is one of the easiest of the Acantholimons, native to sunny dry rock crevices in the Trans Caucaus. 6 24 5
Acantholimon kotschyi laxispicatum Silver grey cushions. Scapes of rose pink flowers. 12 0 0
Acantholimon lycopodiodes Small dense grey spined cushions. The pink flowers are almost stemless flowers. From India 0 0 4
Acantholimon spirizianum A silver compact shrublet from Turkey. Pink flowers n branches that are occasionally branched. 0