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We believe that gardening is a creative act that can also declare an appreciation for the beauty and delicate balance of the natural landscapes that surround us.

Our mission is to inspire other gardeners to create gardens that minimize the use of precious resources such as water, while maximizing habitat and food resources for native birds, butterflies and other pollinators. Our experiences in our own private gardens in the Sierra Foothills have led us to encourage the use of rock gardening techniques and plants towards these ends.

Most of our plants are selected for their ability to survive in our own gardens, located in Sonora, California in the Sierra Foothills at an elevation of 2000’. Our summers are hot and long. We have many days above 100° and absolutely no rain during the summer. Although our own garden experiences rather mild winters with infrequent lows in the teens, almost all of our plants are adapted to much higher elevations, and most are hardy to zones 4-6.
We started propagating plants in a desperate attempt to find more plants that would be appropriate for dry Sierra Foothill gardens. We have had many failures but also many successes. Our nursery offerings included many western natives, as well as some choice plants from Turkey, the Balkans, the Mediterranean, and regions of the world with similar climates.For a while, I tried to make those successes available through a small mail order nursery. That endeavor, a labor of love, proved to be a fabulous way to lose time and money. Eventually I had to close the nursery after a series of infrastructure failures.
We are no longer selling or shipping plants. Instead, I maintain this website as resource for Sierra Foothills gardeners interested in water wise and rock garden plants for our area.
Most of our plants in our database thrive in a rock garden setting. Many require excellent drainage and should be grown in raised beds, berms or slopes. Almost all will benefit from the use of a gravel mulch to increase drainage around their crowns and insulate the soil.
For more information on rock garden techniques, visit Resources. In addition to our rock garden plants, we offer a few larger shrubs and perennials based on their outstanding performance for us.


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